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Regency Home Care

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Our Service Area

We serve the greater Portland metropolitan area including Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Columbia, and Marion counties.


" My mom was so happy with the services you provided. We really appreciate that you were able to make a difficult situation more tolerable. " 

- Colleen, Lake Oswego, OR
" Your care for my brother Richard in Oregon has been impeccable. We had no problems or concerns. Thank you very much. "

- Jim, Grand Rapids, MI

" Your service commitment is so great we thought you were a faith-based organization. What a difference you've made in the quality of the lives of our community residents. "

- Jeff, Residential Manager, 

Hillsboro, OR

Regency Home Care Recognized as a Model!

"We are both proud and honored to be recognized by Memory Cafe Directory as a model when evaluating Senior In-home Care services for you or a loved one," commented Jim Myers, President of Regency Home Care.  "This is a valued endorsement by a very knowledgeable and experienced organization working both nation-wide and internationally to evaluate and promote professional service providers who deliver care and services to our senior community and their family members."  

You can read the Memory Cafe Directory article here:  



"To the Regency staff, thank you so much for all of the great care you provided to our mom. Ann, thank you for getting us started and for the beautiful rose bush you delivered.  It was very reassuring having you with the company. Michelle, thank you for being our evening gal-very helpful. Jodie, thank you for always being incredibly available, kind and helpful. We always knew you'd come through for us. Hanna and Reagan, you two were both just amazing!  Mom felt super safe, respected and in good hands. You are life-savers and we'll never forget all you did. Thank you all for helping us make it work to have mom be at home and not in a facility. You helped us all fulfill a promise and a wish!  With love and gratitude," - Jennifer, Becky, Kim, Susanne & Sophie

"The service we have received from Regency Home Care has been wonderful, caring, and dependable.  Our caregiver, Laura, has been a huge help with bringing mom back to health after surgery.  We are very grateful to all of you.  A special thank you to Laura!" - Debbie Bryant, Hillsboro, OR

"Thank you for all of the wonderful support you and your caregivers have provided my mom." - Kevin Campbell, Lake Oswego, OR

"Thank you.  Your agency has provided us with wonderful caregivers." - Rebecca Newland, Lake Oswego, OR

"For the last four years we have used your caregivers to assist with my husband's needs.  They have done a wonderful job and have been very kind and compassionate with him. I would like to especially recognize Angie, Anna, Esteban and Haley and also let other know how easy and convenient it has been working with the agency staff.  Thank you all so very much." - Judy Spreadborough, Oregon City, OR

"We are happy to let you know we've been perfectly satisfied with the care and compassion your staff has shown us while caring for one of our family members over the past few years and through end of life.  We were so pleased to see members of your team take the time and interest in joining us for my brother's service.  Your company has many good people and our primary caregiver, in particular, was a terrific companion.  We have had experiences with other companies and I can honestly say you outperformed your competitors.  We are happy to recommend your service to others in need."  
 - Jim Sorenson, West Linn, OR

"Thank you for all of the help your team provided while I was gone.  You took great care of my husband and we are very thankful for your care and service." - Beth F, Beaverton, OR

"Thank goodness for Regency Home Care!  Last summer our sister experienced her second mild heart attack.  Since she is 92 years old and we live in Arizona we were very concerned as how to proceed.  Our sister wanted to stay in her own home surrounded by her neighbors and dear friends.  Last summer, we interviewed several home care agencies in the Portland area and found Regency to be the most responsive, caring, and flexible.  Our sister is receiving excellent care, not only for herself, but her caregivers also prepare her meals, take her to Dr. appointments, run errands and do light housekeeping.  The best part of Regency is that we have complete peace of mind.  There is a part of the year as a CPA that my job doesn't allow me to drop everything and fly to Portland for a health scare or concern.  Regency communicates with us on a regular basis and especially if there is a status change in our sisters health.  We could not have found a more caring and compassionate in-home care agency." - Jeanne Woodward, Arizona

"I wish everyone the best at Regency.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need as our personal experience with Regency was top notch.  I really enjoyed my interactions with the whole team, both the agency office staff and the caregivers involved in our care.  Many thanks to all!" - Jody B, Auroa, OR

"Thank you again for all you do for our family, Ann. You have honestly been the most helpful, informed and caring person we have had helping us try to figure out what to do. You have really made a difference for us and we truly appreciate you for that." - Lisa B, Portland, OR

"I cannot recommend Regency Home Care enough!  We called them in an emergency situation when our 90-year-old uncle had a sudden crisis while living in a place that was independent living only - no help provided to their residents.  Within 2 hours they had sent over a wonderful young man, Tim, who stepped in and completely handled the situation.  Tim was experienced in dealing with people with dementia, and he helped with everything possible, including patiently waiting outside the door when our uncle told him to go away, continuing to check on him every once in a while until he was accepted.  He took care of everything for our uncle, including companionship, cleanup, laundry, arranging for meal delivery, dishes, and anything that was needed.  Because of the dementia, we were concerned about a new person coming in, and Time came over for a full shift every day for 17 days in a row until we were able to move our uncle into a memory care facility.  Regency Home Care was wonderful throughout our ordeal, always working with us to make sure that we had the help we needed." - Sara P, Castle Rock, WA

"This is a letter of recommendation for the services provided by Regency Home Care.  The caregivers were reliable, pleasant, competent and very caring.  My husband really related to all of the caregivers from Regency, and they helped to make a difficult situation much better. I was grateful for their kindness and support  I would highly recommend Regency to others in need." - Delores Porter, Lake Oswego, OR

"Thank you for taking such good care of me." - Mary Sewell, Lake Oswego, OR

"Enclosed please find final payment. Your care was fantastic!" - Elle Roberts, Portland, OR